Global Trade and Logistics: Managing global supply chain networks, trade compliance, and cross-border logistics, especially considering shifting geopolitical tensions and trade policies.


Today, international trade is an integral component of business activities. Now companies have to manage complex transport networks, governmental and economic challenges, market requirements, comply with customs regulations and overcome various cultural and language barriers. For an enterprise, delegating these challenges is fraught with many difficulties. That’s where working with experts in global supply chain management can come in handy.

At first glance, the main mission of SCM is simple – moving goods from one point to another in order for supply to meet its demand. However, managing global supply chain networks, especially at the international level, is a heavy and complex task that faces a number of challenges in today’s business environment. The modern supply chain must take into account: 

  • constantly changing customer demands. The expectations of a demanding customer of the digital age are fast delivery, maintaining high quality products and the best service. Meeting these requirements can be challenging for supply chain managers who must strike a balance between efficiency and customer satisfaction.
  • market entry complexity. Global trade has led to the creation of longer and more complex supply chains involving a large number of suppliers and intermediaries. This factor makes it difficult to manage supply chains rapidly and effectively, especially crossing borders and complying with local requirements.
  • disruptions in the supply chain. Among them: natural disasters and geopolitical tensions. These external factors damage key supply chains of goods, lead to a sharp increase in transportation costs and complicate the work of supply chain managers and operations.

Unilog is aware of all the difficulties that arise and uses its various services in real time to adapt to changes in international trade flows, new rules and the consequences of failures.

It is important to note that we are a fourth-party logistics (4PL) company, which means that we are responsible for the entire chunk supply chain strategy, that is, from OEM to the end B2B customer. This is a not trivial task, including numerous agents and stakeholders on the way. Utilizing in our network more than 40 partners, or whom we call “local heroes” helps us  to comply smoothly and efficiently with local customer regulations as well as very quickly provide IOR and EOR services in almost every country needed. Unilog creates an effective distribution network and has access to the most complex markets, among them are Argentina, Brazil and Turkey, both for service (spare part) logistics and global fulfillment (sales activities).Thus, as our client, you can fully concentrate on the development of your business, and we will provide you with access to a new market. At Unilog, we develop customized strategies to market for fulfilling our customers’ orders. So, for example, we smoothly helped our customers to overcome the Brexit event by supporting a new local WH opening in the UK as well as fiscal local representation. In this way, Unilog contributes to the solution of various unique “boutique” services of our clients.

At the same time, Unilog uses distribution centers and strategic stock locations around the world that are already integrated into the Digital Control Tower system called Logivice, to support the international supply chain process. In other words, we are able to scale up your supply chain needs to different regions and new warehouses in a number of days. This Logivice platform creates 360-degree visibility of your global operations as well as allows you to manage the items with their unique customs codes and values and special county oriented rules. Thus, the entire complex supply chain process of entry is simplified, which allows you to create country-specific documentation automatically directly in the Logivice system based on the set rule for any specific country. This means that our customers can:

  • set up proper exporter and importer information based on the origin and destination country;
  • manage the Part Master List by reflecting different market prices and other sensitive information;
  • automatically issue commercial invoice and other required documentation, even in region-specific language.

In this way, at Unilog, we ensure proper value-added service  and quality control throughout the entire supply chain process.

Summing up, it can be noted that the supply chain of even one product is a complex process in which a lot needs to be taken into account. But with Unilog, our customers can be sure that in any case that may affect global supply chains and cause logistical nightmares, they will have at hand already decade-proven tools to overcome any anomalies and continue the success of the company.At the same time, we offer constant monitoring with a Logivice (the Digital Control Tower system), as well as the possibility of optimizing the global supply chain, speeding up delivery times, which will ensure the satisfaction of your end customer. Such full flexibility and scalability of the global logistics chain, created by Unilog, will allow you to enter a new market and facilitate global trade solutions seamlessly.

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