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Digital Supply Chain Control Tower

Logivice is a realtime control tower developed by Unilog. Our tailormade system supports our customers global activity, enabling the efficient operation and execution of our customer’s global supply chain requirements.

Control your entire fulfilment operation through our convenient platform. Seamlessly manage your inventories, sales or RMA orders, defective part returns and more.

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Orders & Shipments

Global Availability

Notification & Alarm generation

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Response Management

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Order Management

Inventory Transactions




Orders & Shipments

Our customers have full visibility and transparency on their order status. Logivice traces the orders and shipments and sends notifications on each and every step of the orders from creation to POD. Logivice allows our customer managers to have full control over the execution steps, combined with strong data analytics to bring value to our customers.

Global Availability

Stock availability and transactions are fully visible to Unilog’s Customer manager as well as our customers. Our customer’s planning team has all the stock information and future supply & demand at their fingertips, in order to optimize stock level planning.

Notification & Alarm generation

Logivice has a fully customized Notification & Alarm Generation tool, enabling our customers to receive notifications and alarms for countless scenarios on a wide variety of platforms: email, SMS, push notification to our customer’s ERP/CRM system, Telegram, Monday, Slack and more.
What is going on



Response Management

Logivice Dashboard and Analytics tool, combined with advanced BI tools, allow us to easily implement periodic KPI measurements and high-level control reports. All these tools provide valuable date to our operation team and customers enabling better response and improved service to their end clients.

Root Cause

Having all the information on line in real time provides us the ability to easily investigate the root cause for operation failures. We present our customers a detailed CAPA report, whenever it is needed.


Logivice provide our customer simulation options to better understand the impact on SLA performance, whether it’s adding a location or changing service levels and processes.
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Order Management

Logivice has an easy and rapid order creation solution: four easy semi-automatic steps and a new RMA/Sales order is opened and transmitted for warehouse operation. API/EDI are fully integrated with our customer’s ERP systems. Nevertheless, some clients choose to open their orders on the Logivice system:

Inventory Transactions

Logivice has a rapid and efficient warehouse picking solution including voice verification to support fast inbound or outbound transactions. Nowadays, while most of 3PL have their own WMS systems, they choose the Logivice system as a working platform to operate global activity. Logivice provides a recommendation to the WH to use a specific location and validate the accuracy of the goods status in the provided location.


Each and every step is monitored to make sure the data transmitted by API/EDI interface or entered manually is valid: • Shipment address is validated vs. Google Maps data. • Shipment requested date is validated vs. international holidays calendar at origin and destination. • Order items are validated in order to make sure the part number/serial number requested exists in the customer’s DB and is available in stock. • Each WH transaction is validated vs. the requested part number/serial number/quantity. In the event of a mismatch, a notification is sent to all parties involved: WH, Unilog’s account manager and our client.
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Centralized Communication


All the communication per specific order carried by email is consolidated in the Logivice order screen, visible to our clients and Unilog Customer Managers. This allows us and our customers the ability to easily access the communication flow.


Communication with our clients and our warehouses regarding tasks and special requests is managed in a built-in module that tracks the progress of the activity and sends notifications to the relevant people.


Fully customized reports can be easily built to support reporting on special value-added services done in the warehouses or by our client’s engineers. These reports can be accessed via mobile devices; all data is collected and stored in Logivice for easy access.
Logivice has additional modules designed to fully integrate all the Communications & Solutions we support our customers, in order to have the full picture seen in one place.

Digital Supply Chain Control Tower

Digital Supply Chain is the next-generation solution that implements the Internet of Things, advanced robotics, and big data analytics in supply chain management: “Place sensors everywhere, construct networks, automate, and analyze all the processes to increase performance and customer satisfaction.

Supply Chains: Traditional vs. Digital

Traditional supply chains use strategy to plan and react while digital supply chains predict and prescribe actions to take. Traditional supply chains are mostly static and operate on rules based on prior transactional inputs, while completely digital supply chains operate in real time and can quickly adapt to changing conditions.

Digital supply chains are networks as opposed to the linear nature of traditional supply chains. While digital supply chains integrate data from operational technology and IT systems, traditional supply chains frequently rely on isolated systems.

With a digital supply chain, shared quality and control data from the supplier allows organizations to foresee concerns and respond proactively without the need for costly prior planning. The planning and management of all sourcing and procurement, conversion, and logistics management tasks are all included in supply chain management. This entails coordination and cooperation with all parties involved, including as customers, suppliers, and middlemen.

Five advantages of implementing a digital supply chain strategy
Digital supply chain management is based on IT technologies, connectivity, data, and advanced analytics. Unilog provides opportunity to combine these components together and brings about the following advantages, especially when all partners along the value chain adopt them:

Improved Monitoring of Supply Chain Performance

A digital supply chain offers substantially more visibility into its constituent pieces and moving parts than do traditional supply networks. With real-time visibility into supplier performance, organizations are better able to spot any gaps that could lead to disruptions and fix them.

Digital supply chains are also more focused on the demands of the client, allowing businesses to better comprehend those needs and take steps to enhance customer experiences.

Automation of Processes

Traditional paper-based, manual supply chain procedures are done away with in a digital supply chain. Stakeholders no longer have to call or email for updates or perform manual data entry. Whoever requires it has easy access to all the data they need to enhance their operations and work with other organizations.

Business processes are automated as a result of digitalization, which enhances worker performance, productivity, and profitability. Sensors and other digital instruments enable real-time inventory tracking throughout the whole supply chain. In the end, electronic connectivity enables businesses to redefine new business strategies and optimize the supply chain.

Minimize expenses and accelerate innovation

Modern, comprehensive information regarding performance, condition, and requirements is provided by a digital supply chain. Processes such as raw material flows, operational logistics, inventory levels, forecasting, and resource planning may all be managed and optimized with the use of this data. These are the immediate advantages of increased cash flow and expense savings.

The opportunity to detect process bottlenecks, shorten time, speed up innovation, and boosting the return on investment are possible only through improved information sharing and cooperation.

Advanced Analytics and Statistics

Numerous data-driven technologies, such as big data, machine learning, IoT, and predictive analytics, support the digital supply chain. To enhance inventory management and preventative maintenance, organizations can link and relate data sources. They may use data to find inefficiencies, improve the quality of their products, and improve consumer experiences.

Advanced analytics with data visualization can also be offered by a digital supply chain, enabling users to make predictions, learn from past mistakes, and make better decisions.

Plan the supply chain more effectively

In standard supply chains, it can be difficult, time-consuming, and unreliable to identify potential problems and estimate their likely repercussions. Companies in a digital supply chain can foresee problems and take swift action before the situation worsens thanks to shared and current quality and control data.

In order to enhance the performance of the end-to-end value chain, businesses can better coordinate and interact with a variety of stakeholders through the use of digital tools and technology, including vendors, customers, and third-party service providers.

The traditional supply chain management paradigm is transformed into a digital supply chain by incorporating cutting-edge electronic and digital technology. Unilog can offer your companies to implement these technologies:

– Cloud computing
– Software as a service (SaaS) / Supply chain as a service (SCaaS)
– Big data
– Artificial intelligence
– Internet of things (IoT)
– Application Programming Interface

Being involved in the supply chain industry at this time is exciting. Make sure that the way of digitizing your supply chain will be smooth and fascinating with our Unilog Team. Because of all these fantastic technologies, there will be incredible chances to influence and take part in the transition to a world of digital supply chains.

Logivice Solution

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Transport Management

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Reverse Logistics

Supplier Collaboration

Inbound Solutions

Inventory Management Transparency

Digital Control Tower


Logivice Unique Benefits

Web-based solution

Our web-based solution can be applied to any printer supported by the client's browser

Android 9+ app

Android 9+ app generates QR codes & reads/writes NFC labels

Custom labels

Custom labels can be created for any customer / item needed

Location recommendation

Logivice will recommend that a WH uses a specific location and validate the accuracy of the goods status in the provided location


Inventory count snapshots

Voice activity

Logivice automation is built through its voice activity tools at a WH

Tracker tags

Integrated tracker tags to support online tracking in addition to courier & carrier interfaces

Web cameras

Use web cameras for capturing and reporting of goods through


Automation systems include picking robots

If you need network-based control tower we invite you to check out the most advanced solution

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