When you are a part of the huge change of communication trend, you need a fast solution to support your market and zero downtime. SLA is a promise that must be kept.

Telecommunication companies make communication possible on a global scale, whether it is through the phone or the Internet, through airwaves or cables, through wires or wirelessly.

Unilog keeps your promises, making sure your clients communication is up & running 24/7 as promised by your solution.

Unilog Telecomunication industry customers get an E2E dynamic supply chain platform — managing your upstream supply chain into the main territory distribution centers, global fulfillment and inventory control, and service parts operation.

Unilog provides telecommunication companies with exceptional solutions.

We deliver their promises

Trusted by some of the world’s best telecommunication companies



Delays in handling times and scarce space in the 3PL facility lead to us having to think of solutions to improve and optimize performance.


Control tower
Supply Chain analytics
Order management
Inventory planning & management

Service Parts

01 / Challenge

Key indicators implied that the service level performance of picking and packing, as well as receiving handling times were not met to customer expectations.

  • Processes were performed 2 hrs later than expected.
  • Inbound processes were performed 24 hrs later than expected. \Inventory counts took longer than 2 days to perform.
  • Picking large volume shipments of Return to Vendor materials, which consisted of defective or returned materials took more than 4 days to complete.
  • Inventory accuracy was only 90%.

02 / Process

We consulted with the warehouse in order to understand the root cause of this underperformance. We understood that the weak areas were as follows:

  • Scarce space at the warehouse which was derived from disorganized working procedures.
  • Defective items were not contained in one area which lead to long picking times.
  • Items were not consolidated according to standard procedures.

Optimizing space and workload by setting organized working procedures:

  • Consolidation of items of the same category at the same location – lead to reducing the picking time and put-away time.
  • Identification of “high-runner” items and storing them on a floor level lead to reducing the picking time and effort (some of these items were large and required a fork lift to complete the picking).
  • Set up of bin locations and beehive racks to contain the small and envelop size packages in an orderly fashion, to optimize the picking and put-away time.
  • Dedicating a pallet rack area for defective items and setting up a process in which an order is issued every time this rack area is full – lead to reducing the pick time of large shipments for Return to Vendor requests.
  • Dedicating a pallet rack area for returned material pending review and inbound – helped in creating a more organized work area, clearer information flow and smoother handling.

03 / Results

  • Outbound picking time reduced from 2 hours to 20 minutes.
  • Inbound receiving and put away reduced from 24 hours to 3 hours.
  • Inventory counts are done in under 24 hours.
  • Inventory accuracy is 99%. 100% of orders are shipped the same day – none are missed due to lost inventory or handling time.
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Unilog team has been proven itself as a committed, highly capable and customer oriented team for many years. Above all, it is a team of professionals with a can-do approach which I, as a customer, can count on to make things happen.

Lior Mandelzweig
Director Of Global Supply Chain Radware

Why Unilog?

Unilog provides comprehensive, efficient, reliable, fast, transparent and agile supply chain solutions to facilitate your business needs.

Our Supply Chain as a Service (SCaaS) – driven by our Logivice platform, integrates the entire supply chain. Connecting your service parts operation to our global service sites network gives your global supply chain an edge over your competitors.

  • State of the art proprietary technology, 360* SCM platform available anytime and anywhere
  • Robust 3PL network, that gives us the agility to support your global SC needs.
  • We build partnerships — we don’t just close a sale; we start a relationship.
  • Cost efficient, enabling you to optimize your consumables management.
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