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About Unilog

Unilog is an expert in design and management of global supply chains by Executing, Monitoring & Controlling your activities.

While using advanced technologies, leading industry experts and best of breed service providers.


Unilog enables flexible Supply Chain Fulfillment. Our partners gain an E2E solution supporting their global activity and growth, and benefit from the flexibility of their ongoing operational needs.

We are committed to constantly delivering a quality solution, supporting our customers’ needs anywhere and any time by advanced technology, driven by the best team and supported by leading 3PL and service providers.


Our flexible, customized solutions are based on best practices, ensuring seamless time-definite deliveries wherever and whenever necessary. Unilog processes and systems are tailored to meet each customer specific requirements, offering distinct competitive advantages in the global marketplace.


Benefit from rapid scaling without downtime. We manage global logistics through our fully-integrated 3PL partners, providing a unique ‘single point’ of accountability for service delivery anytime and anywhere. Unilog can rapidly add hundreds of available sites within 14 business days with no downtime for your organization. providing service level between 90 minutes, 4 hours, NBD and regular.



The Logivice digital supply chain enables the efficient control of your entire fulfillment operation through our convenient platform. Seamlessly manage your inventory down to serial number, transit control, address verification, carrier selection, return management and more.

Logivice is Unilog’s tailored system to support our global customers’ activity and enable a global control tower to execute and operate global supply chain needs.

Learn More About Logivice

Our Services

Control Tower Tracking & Tracing Testing & Repairing Advanced IT Platform Distribution Management 24/7 Service Team Call Center Reverse Logistics Supply Chain Visibility Active GPS Trackers Onsite Technician VMI Supply Chain Supply Chain Analytics WH network Asset Recovery Multi-Channel Fulfilment API Service Service Parts Delivery in 4 Hrs Tailored Solutions Order Management IOR/EOR Global Solution Spare Parts Management Development NFO Service Inventory Planning & Management Transportation Planning

Our mission

We deliver your promises. This is our guiding light for any activity taken within our organization.

Our mission has always been to bring clarity to complexity. We design visible, feasible, achievable solutions and manage them for you.

We support our clients, providing them with peace of mind.

We are more than an IT solution, warehouses or shipments.

We make it happen,
We provide peace of mind

The Unilog Team

Unilog combines a unique group of people and that makes us who we are, a colorful and diverse family.

We’re passionate about global supply chains. We create. We dream. We build. We believe our customers’ promises are important. It’s in our DNA to provide the best possible service.

We are professionals who come from different backgrounds. When we’re all in the same room, discussing our customer challenges, we bring together radically different points of view, suggest out of the box ideas and create real added value.

Together, Unilog’s team possesses decades of familiarity and knowledge in global supply chains, technology, freight forwarding and logistics and are experienced in carrying out complicated missions to exotic and far-flung destinations. Our unique corporate spirit, combined with our belief in a learning organization, enables us to keep abreast of the changes in our dynamic market, as we constantly reevaluate our customers’ needs.

Meet Our Leaders

Osi Tagger
Unilog CEO

Osi heads up the Unilog team and describes herself as a lifelong learner. “I love being part of the Unilog team, whom I have the privilege to meet every day. Unilog, my business partners over the years, our clients, projects and challenges all provide me joy and sense of adventure.”

Osi has deep knowledge and experience in managing highly complex global supply chains and worked in global companies such as EY, Deloitte, Netafim, UPS SCS and UTI.

She uses the skills acquired during her MBA, as a finance and system analyst, and group dynamic facilitator in her work. Osi enjoys writing and photography and loves being a mother to her three kids.

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Vered Rubin
VP Customer Relationship and Operation

Vered is in charge of making things happen. She manages the Customer Management, Implementation and Quality teams. Together with Unilog’s vendors, they work on delivering Unilog’s promises to its customers.

Vered holds a BSc in Industrial Engineering and has 20 years of experience of management in various fields including logistics, supply chain management, IT, and project management in a variety of industries including mobile telecom, communications and packaging.

Vered says that working at Unilog is the best thing that ever happened in her professional life. Working with Unilog’s exceptionally devoted team is an inspiring experience that has a significant impact on her life: “As an operations manager, I have no idea how my days will look, but I have the confidence that my team has the knowledge and heart to tackle whatever difficulties we face.”

Vered loves creating. She is an amateur carpenter, lighting designer and painter. She loves reading, running and hiking. While she hasn’t yet succeeded in doing them all at the same time, she’s still trying!

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Dima Karlinsky
VP Global Business Development

Having most recently served as the operations manager for Unilog, Dima brings a decade of experience in freight forwarding, supply chain solution design and global trade compliance.

Starting his logistics career in 2009 in airfreight operations followed by project management roles in ICL, Dima diversified his fields of expertise in customs regulations, compliance and overall supply chain design and planning. He took the pilot seat as Unilog BDM in 2016, leading the solution design team of our clients through best practices and strong partnerships.

Inspired by the challenges and opportunities of the rapidly evolving logistics market,
he feels he has the privilege to work daily with a talented and innovative team of people with excellent values and ever positive approach. “Every challenge, every adversity, contains within it the seeds of opportunity and growth,” he says.

Dima is very passionate about literature , news and, of course, good food.

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Ilya Sheidin
VP Technology

Ilya is a passionate and ambitious developer living with his girlfriend in the center of Israel together with their smart vacuum robot “Dobby.”

He is a full-stack web developer with over 6 years of experience.

The most important thing for Ilya in his job is the people that he’s working with and a constant flow of new challenges.

He is highly addicted to strong coffee and new technologies and believes the one cannot live without the other!

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Eyal Yossef
Business Control Analyst

Eyal has a desire to break complex things down to understand how they function and influence each other. He’s into simulations, modelling, math and discovering the undiscovered.

With a degree in Supply Chain Engineering from the Technical University of Wildau (Germany) and further studies in SC Analytics, Eyal prefers to describe himself as an “eternal student.” He is a results-driven and energetic team player with the ability to establish positive relationships with suppliers and customers.

Optimization, forecasting and analytics of supply chain are his favorite “slices of cake.” Eyal isn’t afraid to learn about and discover new technologies and methodologies and to apply them in processes.

He is passionate about plants, languages, cultures and travelling. Eyal set a goal of visiting “70 countries by the time he’s 30” and the mission is already 74.29% completed.

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Shay Minsky
24/7 and Operation Manager

Shay is Unilog’s 24/7 guy. He’s responsible for the team that supports Unilog’s biggest customers. Shay is a hardworking, committed, reliable and resourceful team player. A people person, he makes everyone feel comfortable. He is positive, self-aware, motivated and leads his team to achieve more.

Shay is a highly experienced exporter with more than ten distinguished years as manager, with strong skills in coordinating international transport, dispatching and routing, fleet operations and sales. He also has deep knowledge of international customs, trade regulations, tariffs, carriers, rates, services, and routes.

Shay’s team operates and backs up customers which need to meet SLAs from NBD to 4-hour delivery contracts. At Unilog, Shay enjoys seeing his hard work carried out by his team, which is growing, building on its successes, and learning new skills daily.

Shay’s hobbies are traveling, reading and, of course, going to movies!

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Jacob Barak
Customer Relationship and Quality Manager

Jacob manages a multi-client department which includes customers with WH solutions in the US & EU. An account manager team leader, he’s a very responsible guy.

Jacob has rich experience working in the supply chain industry (from manufacturing to VMI). He believes that when you are working together with your team to provide solutions for every scenario (planned and not planned,) the sky’s the only limit.

As Customer Relationship and Quality Manager at Unilog, Jacob’s work is to ensure that our account managers and clients are satisfied and happy with Unilog. He always notes that Unilog is a place where everybody brings their own work style and working with these kind of people is simply amazing!

Jacob loves being with his family as well as traveling and riding motorcycles.

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Our values


We strive for the best solution & service for our customers. We look beyond  barriers, break through limitations, and build unique solutions. We choose marathon runners and run with them.

Customer Oriented

We take the time to learn about your company, your business, and your promises. By stepping into your shoes and looking at your business through your eyes, we make sure we’ll do whatever it takes to make your business successful.


We believe relationships are key to business success. That’s why we join forces with anyone who contributes to our way forward. The challenges are too complicated for one person to cope with alone, so we brainstorm and solve the puzzle together. This is what takes us from being a good team to a winning team.

Result Oriented

We are passionate about logistics and we know that at the end of every activity we carry out, we are ensuring the SLA is kept. We are committed to “walking the talk” by always delivering on our SLA.


To stay at the cutting edge, we have to keep learning, developing, and exploring. We try out new technologies and use them in our solutions, learning from the best and providing it all to our customers.

Taking Responsibility

We fully understand the responsibility given to us when managing our clients’ supply chain and seize it in both hands. We do our utmost to avoid failures, however, should we have one, we study it carefully, learning from it and doing whatever is needed to avoid it happening again.

Creativity is everywhere

Learn about our sources of inspiration

ICL Group

Unilog is part of the ICL Group

The ICL Group provides a wide range of logistics services to ensure it’s the best logistic partner. ICL provides comprehensive solutions under one roof for all your logistics requirements.

ICL is one of Israel’s top logistics companies with branches at all major ports and inland borders. ICL is constantly developing and enhancing its wide range of logistic initiatives and solutions for the complete supply chain.

ICL’s innovative and creative solutions enable customers access to advanced logistics technology, firm financial efficiency and total global coverage.

ICL’s team, management and global partners are professionals who together possess decades of experience in freight forwarding and logistics.

Its customers consist of large organizations and international clientele, including high tech & telecom, military & defence, industrial & consumer products, biotechnology & pharmaceutical companies, governmental offices, and more.

ICL means making a worldwide obligation to ensure your success — the perfect connection between people and logistics.

ICL means Worldwide obligation for your success. It is the perfect connection between people and logistics.

We believe in the power of human capital. Do you?

We look for people who love supply chains, enjoy solving challenges and want to be part of a colorful group of individuals. Want to become Unilog team member? Join us! Together we can impact how supply chains are being managed across the globe.

Current Job Openings

Please send your CV to: tal.a@unilog.company

We believe in the power of human capital. Do you?

We look for people who love supply chains, enjoy solving challenges and want to be part of a colorful group of individuals. Want to become Unilog team member? Join us! Together we can impact how supply chains are being managed across the globe.

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