Printing machines operate 24/7, and as such, they have constant flow of consumables and require a best-in-class service parts supply chain.

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Unilog’s printing industry customers get an E2E dynamic supply chain platform which manage your upstream supply chain into the main territority distribution centers, global fulfillment and inventory control, and service parts operation.

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Covid 19 was pushing some of our warehouses to the limit. With a week, we reduced risks by moving half of items to another location. In some cases, we further reduced the risk by moving items to a third location in the same region.


Control tower
Spare parts management
WH network
Inventory planning & management

Service Parts

01 / Challenge

Covid-19 broke out in China and within a few weeks, it had spread to the EU and then to the US. We started receiving signals from our WH in US east coast about difficulties with supporting the service we provide our clients at this stock location. A small WH with a limited number of employees, they face challenges when a few people had to go into isolation following exposure to a verified COVID patient. In addition, courier pickups were cancelled. The bottom line – we could not promise to fulfill the support according to our SLA.

02 / Process

Recognizing there is an issue that might carry on for a few weeks or longer:

  • We escalated the communication with the WH and shared our concerns with top management in order to verify that there indeed is a risk.
  • We mapped the clients we serve from this location and looked for a replacement solution for each client.
  • We contacted our clients to let them know the risk and offer them the alternative solutions
  • For clients that chose to move on and activate a replacement solution, we prepared a detailed activation plan.
  • Activation of the plan: Set up a new stock location at second distanced site (in some case two sites) and move the client’s high running items to the alternative location.
  • Support sales orders & RMA call of our client from two stock locations according to availability of stock, WH staff etc.

03 / Results

  • We moved the items and made sure they will be inbounded fast at the new site location.
  • Within one week – the new operation was up and running and orders were shipped from both locations (Chicago and Texas in addition to NJ) according to availability of stock and manpower.

For our clients, the solution was transparent. We manage their orders on the Logivice system. They enter the order in the same way, the system picks from which WH to send the items, and the orders are transmitted to both WH locations automatically.

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Why Unilog?

Unilog provides comprehensive, efficient, reliable, fast, transparent and agile supply chain solutions to facilitate your business needs.

Our Supply Chain as a Service (SCaaS) – driven by our Logivice platform, integrates the entire supply chain. Connecting your service parts operation to our global service sites network gives your global supply chain an edge over your competitors.

  • State of the art proprietary technology, 360* SCM platform available anytime and anywhere.
  • Robust 3PL network, that gives us the agility to support your global SC needs.
  • We build partnerships — we don’t just close a sale; we start a relationship.
  • Cost efficient, enabling you to optimize your consumables management.
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