Medical Equipment

The medical equipment supply chain faces diverse challenges including global regulations, window for delivery, and an uncompromised SLA, since in many cases it directly affects human lives.

Unilog takes the responsibility involved in serving this industry with both hands.

Medical devices and equipment play an important role in all our lives. While the customers are hospitals, medical institutes and more, ultimately they serve human beings.

Medical device customers get an E2E dynamic supply chain platform — managing your upstream supply chain into the main territory distribution centers, global fulfillment and inventory control, and service parts operation.

Unilog provides medical device & equipment companies with exceptional solutions.

We deliver their promises

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Medical Equipment in Imaging Technology


The company serves hospitals all around the world with their revolutionary machines using imaging technology that meets the clinical and workflow demands of today’s diagnostic imaging market.


Supply chain visibility
Order management
WH network
Inventory planning & management

Service Parts

01 / Challenge

At the time, we were managing Spectrum’s service parts supply chain in APAC and EMEA. The main challenge was to launch a new DC in the US and relocate the stock from the old warehouse to the new DC without disrupting the flow of spare parts supply to hospitals. If any out-of-service machine wasn’t supplied or repaired in time, it would cause a problem with the service provided by the hospital as well as leave some patients untreated, creating an appointments backlog.

02 / Process

In order to avoid flow disruption, Unilog ensured the following process:

  • Process review for US market support with Spectrum to ensure they are in line with the setup we have in APAC & EMEA.
  • Technological infrastructure in Logivice was ready upon goods receiving.
  • New DC space & working stations prepared to place Spectrum’s parts.
  • Pick up trucks were scheduled to bring pallets of goods to the new DC where the hands-on team were awaiting to inbound them.
  • Goods were split into categories and the most frequently requested were inbounded in the first line.
  • In order to assure to a smooth launch, a Unilog team member managed the project on site, adjusting the processes in the real time.

03 / Results

  • More than 60% of the spare parts were inbounded on the same day.
  • The new DC operated service call orders from day 1, parallel to the continuous inbound process, so the flow of spare parts to hospitals remained uninterrupted.
  • Serial numbers of high value items together with “high runners” were captured and allocated in the Logivice system on the 1st day.
  • Spectrum had real-time visibility on the project, enabled by Logivice’s transparency of order fulfillment and stock supervision.
  • The warehouse team was guided on the future flow process including return flow managing and stock keeping.


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Our company has been working with Unilog since 2017, successfully operating several distribution centers around the world. Unilog’s unique team of highly motivated professionals enables us to expand our business and improve our service to our customers. From understanding our business requirements, tailoring a specific solution in each region, through a rapid physical and IT setup, online monitoring of our global activities, and proactively addressing any logistic challenge that may arise, we feel that we are in confident hands with Unilog.

Amir Stadtmauer
VP Operations at Spectrum Dynamics Medical Ltd.

Why Unilog?

Unilog provides comprehensive, efficient, reliable, fast, transparent and agile supply chain solutions to facilitate your business needs

Our Supply Chain as a Service (SCaaS) – driven by our Logivice platform, integrates the entire supply chain. Connecting your service parts operation to our global service sites network gives your global supply chain an edge over your competitors.

  • State of the art proprietary technology, 360* SCM platform available anytime and anywhere
  • Robust 3PL network, that gives us the agility to support your global SC needs.
  • We build partnerships — we don’t just close a sale; we start a relationship.
  • Cost efficient, enabling you to optimize your consumables management.
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