Unilog’s Global
Presence Empowers
Your Business for
Global Success

When operating in the global market, an organization’s supply chain management must develop the capacity to support various markets. This process can be challenging and demands significant investment in time and resources to ensure sales and after-sales support for the target market. Each market has distinct characteristics that necessitate local expertise for adequate and proactive management, protecting your organization from costly “beginner’s mistakes” that can be detrimental or even fatal to your business, especially when dealing with a negligent local partner.

At Unilog, we aim to address these challenges by maintaining a strong network of partners in the diverse geographies our clients wish to enter. This approach spans various supply chain segments, optimizing each aspect to deliver the best solutions. The key segments we focus on when entering a new market include:

Tax consultancy

ensuring compliance with local regulations, tax laws, and the responsibilities of foreign entrepreneurs within the market.


providing a “local presence” and availability of stock within the market.

IOR/EOR and fiscal representation

facilitating compliant and cost-efficient entry or exit of materials in the target market.

Freight forwarding & customs brokerage

guaranteeing market connectivity with global hubs and managing customs requirements for smooth entry and exit.

Unilog meticulously manages each of these segments, ensuring they are addressed with the utmost professionalism every time. While a single entity can provide these services, we are not limited to this approach. In some cases, not all services may achieve the desired service level. Similarly, you may collaborate with a global partner like Unilog or seek a “local hero” in each market.

By partnering with Unilog, you can benefit from our well-established pathways into markets we continuously work to enhance to meet demands and standards. If you decide to act independently and source your solutions and partners, the next challenge will be managing this network. Working with a Lead Logistics Provider (LLP) often adds a technology layer that enables efficient network management and daily material flow. This can be challenging for organizations of all sizes, as most ERP systems provide excellent support while leaving external suppliers out of visibility and focus until major issues arise. Learn more about Unilog’s digital supply chain solution, “Logivice,” here.

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