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The first Supply-Chain-as-a-Service (SCaaS) smart label that turns visibility into performance

Ucontrol smart label tracks and analyzes events in the supply chain from OEM to DC and from there to stock through automatic replenishment and invoicing, enabling decision-makers to receive real-time data, assuring 100% inventory control throughout the network..

Prepare your shipment
and peel the back of the
label to activate

Stick the label
to your shipment

Easily create the shipment in
the cloud platform – Logivice

Send your parcel with
a carrier / courier
of your choice

Full visibility is
immediately enabled

On map visibility
Shock notifications
Destination proximity alerts

POD – Delivery notification,
once the label reached the destination

Beyond POD:
know exactly when your technician or end customer consumed the goods with help of seal open sensor

every aspect of delivery

Revolutionize your supply chain with the world’s first cellular IoT label.
Make sure to get it first and lead your industry

Cross-border global support
Non-lithium eco-friendly
Contactless Stick, Scan & Go
WW cellular connectivity
Post-POD Real time package consumption sensor
Temp, shock, tampering sensibility
Real time on map visibility
Battery – up to 12 months
Air-freight flight mode compliant
No reverse logistics for device
Disposable one-time use

Limited availability for selected vendors

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Sensos (originated by SONY) & Unilog
teamed up to create
End-to-End revolutionary
Supply-Chain-as-a-Service (SCaaS) Solution

Unilog – an expert in design and management end-to-end supply chain solutions – is the delegate partner of Sensos – the IoT and sensors champions.

The Ucontrol™ solution will be the industry norm in the near future. We invite you to be the first in your industry to use this cutting-edge technology.

Be the first in your industry

Game-changing delivery standards

Those days of lack of visibility, trust in courier manual scans, delivery status, and unawareness of the consumption are over. Know exactly what is going on with your valuable goods underway and beyond….

The future is here. With Ucontrol™, you always have full eyes and supervision over your shipments, even after the proof of delivery, which is impossible with regular couriers.

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Ucontrol™ smart label empowered by iSIM technology and eco-friendly non-lithium battery tracks and analyzes events in the supply chain from Original Equipment Manufacturers to Distribution Centers and further to your technicians and end customers. The cloud user-friendly platform around Ucontrol™ allows you to set your temperature and Estimated Time of Arrival, which enables you to receive real-time notifications about events that happened to your goods on the way. The Ucontrol™ approach allows decision-makers to proactively resolve supply chain issues before they even occur.
It has features like real-time map visibility, shock & temperature sensors, a seal open detector, and many more!

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Unilog Digital Supply Chain Solutions

Discover the technical specification of Ucontrol™ Solution

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How long will my label last after the activation?

The tests show that the battery lasts up until 12 months in the lab conditions. However, it depends on the profile, and external factors such as high and low temperatures and humidity could shorten the life of the label accordingly. The advised storage temperature: -20°C to 40ºC, operating temperatures: -20°C to 60°C, humidity: 0 to 95%. For optimal storage time, it is recommended to store the labels below room temperature. The label can operate in a temperature of 60°C for a total max of 2 weeks during its lifetime. The label can operate at -35°C, but the number of messages will be reduced.

What is the size and weight of a single label?

Size: 138x215x3.4mm. Seal extension: 61x32x0.5mm. Weight: 77 grams

Will the label still report during the flight? Is it safe?

The label uses the accelerometer and barometer data to recognize the takeoff. Once it senses the flight it goes into o flight regime, similar to your mobile device. Once a plane lands it changes the mode back to active. The label is safe for flight and approved by major airlines.

Do you cover my country or the country I want to operate your product?

Global coverage is based connectivity plan. Currently, we cover the EU, North American continent, some LATAM, and some APAC counties. At the moment we are working to expand the coverage globally. For more information regarding the coverage in your region, please contact us.

Can I buy the product via invoice and not a credit card?

It is possible, please contact our support team at support_scaas@unilog.company

Is the solution green and environment-friendly?

We use non-hazardous primary Zinc Manganese (Zn-MnO2) printed battery. no lithium or other problematic materials are used in the production of the labels. The solution is completely green, enhanced by the fact that there are no return logistics needed for the devices as they are single-use labels.

Is the label certified?

Yes, the label has the following certifications: FCC, RED, GCF, PTCRB, ATEZ Zone 2,22. Moreover, it stands on the following sustainability standards: Rohs, REACH, Disposable (WEEE Directive 2012/19/EU Battery Directive IEC 62133). Life Cycle Analysis study is available.

How frequently does the device connect?

This can be configured by choosing one of our use case profiles, and even customized for each customer with editable properties – please contact our support team at support_scaas@unilog.company to discuss your case. The minimal time between reports today is 15 minutes and we are considering lowering it to 5 minutes based on recent test results. The maximal static timer can be up to 32 days.

Is it compliant with Airfreight Regulations? Should I declare the label to customs/airfreight carrier?

Yes. The printed battery is safe (non-lithium) and the label is not considered dangerous goods under IATA/FAA and does not require any regulation. The flight mode (when activated) will prevent the label from sending out reports while in flight which makes flight approvable. The tracker flight approval is obtained by the producer with every airline separately. We already have approval from the first company and working on more. Once an airline approves the tracker for usage the customer can use it in flights and does not need any paperwork or declarations.

Current approval list below:
Already approved: Korean Air Lines
In process: Cargolux Airlines, Lufthansa, UPS, DHL express, FedEx Express, United Airlines, China Southern Airlines, Silkway West, American Airlines, AF/KL/DL/MP, Cathay Pacific Airways, Eva Airways, China Airlines, ANA, Elal.

Since it is a disposable device, it essentially becomes part of the package. Therefore, it shouldn’t be declared.
Specifically for airline companies there is no need to declare, this is one of the main advantages of the label.

In case of malfunction, how can I replace the label?

In case of malfunction while activating, please replace you label with another one and report the problem and the serial number at support_scaas@unilog.company. Our team will check the issue and replace the faulty unit with a new label as soon as possible.

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