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The Power of Data Analytics in Supply Chain Management (SCM)

It is no surprise that data has become an imperative part of global trade, and many consider it the new currency of the world. The logistics sector is no exception. The nature of logistics and every day supply chain management processes, generate terabytes of data that can be used to an organization’s advantage. Despite the on-going trends in recent years, the logistics sector is late to adopt digital tools to leverage data analytics.
At Unilog, we recognize both the power of data and the struggle organizations face adopting digital tools and strive to fill in this gap with accuracy and excellence.

Consolidating a Fragmented Market

One of the main reasons for the late adoption of digitalization in the logistics sector is the fact that it tends to be fragmented. Various organizations may use different systems for each step of their supply chain. and so integrating all of these tools and systems can impose a challenge.
Once an integration is achieved, data analytics, specifically big data analytics, can potentially anticipate busy and slow periods, future demand and supply, remove supply chain inefficiencies and much more!

Applying Data Analytics to the Supply Chain

Let’s break down The various aspects where data analytics excels. Applying the power of analytics to these aspects will transform data insights into results,


When it comes to transportation, it is one of the best places to start turning data into insight. By utilizing both historical and current data, your organization, through data analytics, can optimize fuel savings and travel routes, also minimize potential risks for their services, while still meeting customer on-time delivery requirements. Factoring data points such as fuel waste, traffic density, weather conditions, and both vehicle and driver information will lead to live actionable insights that support daily decision-making when products are to be shipped and determine precise expected delivery time.

Warehouse Management

The supply chain is heavily dependent on the effectiveness of warehouses. Such factors as flexibility, location, and capacity of the warehouse are integral for a smooth and efficient supply chain. Data analytics can optimize capacity – based on advanced algorithms to predict current demand for a certain stocked product and anticipate future capacities. Using historical and current data, it is also possible to determine the ideal DC location and flexibility required.


When it comes to procurement of products, machine learning and advanced optimization algorithms can be used to observe patterns and make insights through various current tools to quantify the quality of decision making. This helps your organization analyze the success of their decision-making and look into the past to see how a decision made impacted the organization’s overall performance.


Planning is integral in any industry and data analytics can support the planning of projects with actionable insights. By utilizing big data, it is possible to reveal supply chain inefficiency, asset underutilization, potential high ROI projects, risk management, and much more. Data analytics allows your organization to paint the bigger picture and also see the small important details that could have been omitted in the decision-making process.

Piecing it all together

The dynamic environment the logistics sector operates in requires it to constantly take various factors into consideration in the decision-making process. Data analysis is the building block to support this trend. However, the overflow of information and data can set organizations out of focus. The usage of big data analytics can help your organization to gain clarity and the needed insight to operate in our ever-changing world. Data analytics reveals and anticipates your customer requirements which then leads to better customer satisfaction and loyalty.
We at Unilog, recognize the dynamic world we live in and take to heart the importance of supply chain analytics. This notion is present in every service that we provide. Our services are supported by a passionate team who utilizes cutting-edge BI Supply Chain Analytics tools to truly bring clarity to complexity.

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Global Inventory Planning and management

Global Inventory Planning and Management – efficient models developed by our business intelligence team can help your organization to optimize your inventory levels and availability globally.

Vendor scheduling and PO matching

Vendor scheduling and PO matching – we provide your organization a complete audit trail, with full visibility of your goods flow from the OEM to your inventory, available for sales order. Matching internal or external purchase orders, allowing you a complete real time overview of your supply , enabling you fact based decision making and control.

Distribution transport management

Distribution transport management – we are interconnected with over 100 different carriers globally, allowing best in class solution in every territory both service and cost wise, ensuring real-time traceability on the final mile delivery

Global trade compliance

Global trade compliance – our in house team of global trade compliance together with a global network of in country customs consultants ensure your activity is compliant throughout your supply chain, we provide global coverage of IOR/EOR services for both sales and RMA needs including licensing where needed, ensuring undisrupted regulatory compliant supply’s flow.

Value added services

Value added services – a one stop shop for your inventory needs, our DC’s provide a verity of value add services saving you time, cost and mileage:

  • inbound QC, power-up/boot-up testing
  • Re-packing, packing, re-labeling, kitting
  • Software update
  • Problem verification testing
  • Tier1 repairs, on-site technicians

VMI – Unilog can help you gain control over your inventory and increase the availability of your own products. Lower cost of capital due to a more efficient inventory management process, Reduce overall complexity and risk in relation to the sourcing and storage process, Lower administration cost by reducing to minimum backorders and returns.

Competitive Advantages

Monitor – Identify – Prevent – Improve

Control Tower

Our unique state-of-the-art platform provides full transparency in every link of your supply chain, fully adjustable to your organizational needs and culture. We prevent disruption to your supply chain!

24/7 Support

Our team will get to know you and your business needs from the inside out. Our personal approach allows for a smooth flow of communication that ensures rapid execution.

Proactive SLA Monitoring

We monitor every transaction from the perfect pick at the warehouse up to POD. Any challenge in the process is preempted and efficiently resolved by our team. “We deliver your promises” is not only our motto – we live by it.


We are constantly researching and developing, providing our partners with the best-in-class solutions available.

Agile Network

From decision making to the field, we ensure rapid implementation of new locations and solutions from start to finish.

Cost efficiency

Our business intelligence team constantly analyzes and monitors KPIs to identify patterns and derive key insights to the benefit of your businesses budget.

Service Parts Supply Chain Services

Control tower

Tracking & Tracing

Advanced IT platform – Logivice

Distribution management

Supply chain visibility

Active GPS trackers

Technician on site

Supply Chain analytics

WH network

Multi channel fulfilment

API connectivity

Tailored Solutions

Order Management

IOR/EOR global solution


Inventory planning & management

Transportation planning

We bring clarity to Complexity

We design visible, feasible and achievable solutions and manage them for you. Unilog defines the SOW, identifying unique customer needs in the replenishment process. Inbounding 100,000 serials or a testing a server requires a different approach. Dealing with a defective unit inbound or field return is not the same as a PO inbound or a WH transfer inbound. Outbound of a service order is different than an FMCG with expiration date outbound. Shipping & tracking of small parcel or full tracks can lead to different flows and process.

Our SOW process focuses on the business challenge and its unique needs. Once we’ve gained an in-depth understanding of the challenges & needs, we design a unique solution to best support them.


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