What Makes Logivice Stand Out & Why You Can Forget About Excel Spreadsheets


Ever dreamt of a more convenient alternative to traditional Excel spreadsheets to enhance the effectiveness of supply chain management?

If you keep your tabular database within Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, chances are that a smarter inventory management system that offers better automation and data accuracy is a dream come true for you.

That’s why I and the entire team at Unilog are proud to introduce Logivice 3.0 — our cloud-based inventory management software that offers a flexible system for warehouse management, a tailor-made inventory database, and integrations with every possible format, such as REST, SOAP, CSV, XML, and much more.

Let me introduce what makes our Logivice platform stand out and why we consider it the face of supply chain management. 

What is Logivice? Key Aspects & Competitive Advantages

Even if you own a successful supply chain business, you may still be unaware of the Logivice system or consider it less important for your company at the moment. However, the fact that awareness of this system is still being embraced by the general public only highlights how many individuals still have yet to experience the delight of using our unique services for the first time. 

By paying close attention to automation and data quality, Logivice, a platform offering an inventory management system, aims to address the digitalization of the supply chain. The platform is evolving in response to a genuine need, and it is built around the idea of paying attention to people’s concerns and learning what gets under their skin.

So, what’s so special about our stunning system?

When I first tried to write down critical aspects of Logivice, I realized that I felt almost the same as when I first used an Excel spreadsheet. Yes, not everyone was born into Microsoft in first grade, and that’s exactly why my first encounter with Excel made me feel surprised and emotionally satisfied at the same time.

Later, I decided to read a bit about why everyone loves spreadsheets so much, and I tried to compare it to Logivice. And guess what?

I realized that something special about Logivie is that it’s handy for all types of users. From the operational team members, supply chain partners, and service providers to the IT team and developers, Logivice is appropriate for all levels of users, enabling all of them to feel accomplished. Whoever and wherever they are, Logivice’s users hold the reins of power!

What are the Benefits of Logivice?

Let’s take a look at the main benefits based on general recommendations to better understand what makes Logivice unique and why it’s much more practical for the supply chain sector than utilizing conventional Microsoft spreadsheets. 

1 — Are you tired of waiting for the IT department of the company you serve? Using traditional systems, supply chain providers have to wait for hours before the IT department will deal with integrations for the Logistics sector.

Luckily, our cloud-based inventory management system provides integrations to obtain and fill the client’s ERP. As a result, you won’t need to wait for the IT department to deal with your needs — you can get access to whatever you need to proceed immediately. 

2 — Logivice is incredibly flexible, easy to use, and intuitive. When it comes to effective warehouse management systems, scalability and flexibility are two essential components. Thanks to Logivice, now you can easily sync with your clients’ needs. How? Our innovative technology receives information from manufacturing, administration, and logistics systems and centralizes this information in real-time.

Most organizations have their own unique internal structure to manage items, customers, vendors, and inventories. In order to have clearer and more efficient communication, they require “in-between” parties to translate their internal orders online quickly. 

3 — The inventory database software used by Logivice was explicitly designed to allow for the expansion of each existing module as well as the development of new segments based on the previously existing information structure. Our unique platform offers full transparency at every stage of your supply chain.

4 — The majority of firms already have specific systems for delivering and capturing data. However, without Logivice, you don’t have the opportunity to monitor and report Service Level Agreement (SLA) cost-effectively. Our proactive strategy allows users to monitor every transaction from the beginning to the end.

5 — Finally, instead of being developed as an internal system (ERP|CRM|SCM), Logivice was created as a solution for the community. This means that our system can share information with all parts of your supply chain and keep everyone engaged and informed.

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