Spectrum Dynamics Medical Partnership with Unilog


Spectrum Dynamics Medical develops, manufactures, and supports medical devices in the field of nuclear imaging. It’s a provider of digital SPECT imaging solutions. They’ve developed a next-gen foundation for nuclear medicine scanners and introduced a paradigm shift in design, workflow, and diagnostic capabilities.

Spectrum was in the midst of growing its install base and was looking for a vendor that could be a reliable partner. They crucially needed a trustworthy and scalable 4PL solution to support their critical supply chain needs.

The challenge for the company was to align themselves with Spectrum’s business goals and provide the resources to make their plans a reality. Spectrum needed a scalable solution that could grow with a rapidly increasing demand for on-time service in many locations worldwide, supporting very sensitive customer sites such as hospitals and medical centers.

That’s when they found Unilog. 

Unilog has partnered with leading logistics vendors around the world, and it turns out that was exactly what they were looking for — we managed to offer them the right warehouse for each location to support their customer needs.

Partnership with Unilog

“Unilog team made it easy for us to grow our supply chain. With Unilog, Spectrum Dynamics can count that we will always help someone to take care of our requests at any location 24/7.”

— Amir Stadtmauer, VP Operations Manager at Spectrum Dynamics Medical

Spectrum has already been using Unilog services for the last 6 years, creating a long-lasting partnership between us.

Unilog was able to keep up with the dynamics of Spectrum Dynamics Medical. We managed to adjust our services to meet Spectrum’s needs and expectations with the right account management team and a tailor-made top-tier network of WHs and vendors.

What methodology do we use to help Spectrum Dynamics meet its needs?

Easy integration — we set up an API between Spectrum’s systems and our homegrown platform — Logivice.

Logivice is a digital supply chain platform that grants superpowers to the relevant people in a multi-enterprise. It allows Spectrum to receive a clear view of every piece of data they need for 24/7

Connecting new warehouses to the company’s network was simply easy with the help of Unilog’s innovative solutions. Now every warehouse can follow the same procedures without any additional IT and implementation resources from Spectrum’s side. 

“Our account managers at Unilog are fully dedicated and devoted to our success.” To put it in one sentence, Unilog gives us the peace of mind we need to focus on our business. “

Today Spectrum Dynamics Medical operates 6 warehouses through Unilog. And they’re looking into growing their network rapidly to support a rapidly increasing install base. 

We know that Unilog will be there for us in each and every step of the way.”

Amir Stadtmauer, VP Operations Manager at Spectrum Dynamics Medical

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