The Importance Of Supply Chain Trackers

In today’s global market, supply chain tracking is crucial for successful deliveries. Supply chain trackers will show you where your products are all the way from the initial manufacturing facility to the end delivery. Supply chain trackers give organizations greater control over their deliveries, preventing missed shipments and lost customers.  At Unilog, we help our

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The Future of 3PL

Over the past few years, the global supply chain has gone through plenty of ups and downs, and third-party logistics (3PL) companies have had to adapt. Between the COVID-19 pandemic and plenty of economic ups and downs across the world, the entire supply chain looks very different now than it did in 2019 – and

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Supply Chain Management Risk Mitigation

A functioning supply chain is essential for getting your products from the initial manufacturing stage to the end consumer. However, even small disruptions to the supply chain can have a huge ripple effect, causing delays and negatively affecting your bottom line.  Risk mitigation strategies can help you avoid supply chain delays and other issues. Implementing

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Dwell time

What is Dwell Time in Logistics?

Dwell time is the amount of time that a shipping vehicle spends at a facility while cargo is unloaded. This vehicle could be a truck, boat, cargo plane, or anything that carries inventory from one place to another. At Unilog, we help our clients reduce their dwell time for more efficient shipping processes.  Understanding what

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What Is OTIF In The Supply Chain?

As you develop your supply chain strategy, you might encounter the term OTIF, which stands for On-Time In-Full. But what does this term mean and how does it relate to your supply chain? At Unilog, we help organizations streamline their shipping processes to improve their OTIF metrics. In this article, we’ll talk about what OTIF

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Lean management


According to the lean philosophy, inventory is one of the main wastes of an organization when it is not well managed, because it generates costs for the purchase of raw materials, storage, transport time, and finally, another cost of employee occupation. Therefore, the manager must pay attention to this sector of the company to ensure

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The concept of transportation in the supply chain refers to the movement of cargo between two distinct points, whether products, inputs, or even people, animals and other living beings, from an initial point to a destination.  Given the concept mentioned above and integrating the supply chain, this operational activity is part of the entire logistics

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Spectrum Dynamics Medical Partnership with Unilog

Spectrum Dynamics Medical develops, manufactures, and supports medical devices in the field of nuclear imaging. It’s a provider of digital SPECT imaging solutions. They’ve developed a next-gen foundation for nuclear medicine scanners and introduced a paradigm shift in design, workflow, and diagnostic capabilities. Spectrum was in the midst of growing its install base and was

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Modix Partnership with Unilog

Unilog is what the logistics world calls a 4PL (fourth-party logistics) – a supply chain services provider that manages a 3PL on behalf of the customer and other aspects of the supply chain. This means that customer testimonials heavily determine our company’s mission. The positive experiences of our existing customers are a significant highlight in

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Imagine the following situation in your retail business: After making a huge effort to capture a customer, show them the advantages of your product to solve their needs, and finally close order, the scheduled delivery does not take place on the scheduled date. Why? Simply because your supplier has not fulfilled his obligations to your

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