Active geolocation Trackers: A Comprehensive Guide

Many technologies create shipments, units, and people in today’s supply chain management world. One of the most popular technologies used for this purpose is GPS, which stands for Global Positioning System. However, traditional GPS devices have some limitations when it comes to tracking shipments in real-time. This is where active GPS trackers come into play.

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Measuring Supply Chain Performance: A Solution-Driven Approach

Measuring the performance of your supply chain should not stop at numbers and graphs. The way we view Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Service Level Agreement (SLA) performance reviews are not just something we conjure for the sake of a quarterly report. The performance indicators we measure shape our customers’ decision-making process and generate actions

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How can supply chain management help companies reduce their carbon footprint?

Have you ever wondered what the future of our planet might look like under these supply chain management conditions? As scientists predict, the planet will rise to an unacceptable level within 20 years if carbon dioxide emissions continue at their current rate. Supply chain managers play a crucial role in the struggle against climate change

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What is the Role of Geographical Information Systems in the Supply Chain? – All About Uses of GIS

Geographical Information Systems (GIS) technology has revolutionized the way businesses and organizations manage their supply chain operations. GIS allows for the integration and analysis of spatial and non-spatial data, allowing organizations to make informed decisions and optimize their supply chain processes. From transportation and logistics to inventory management and distribution, GIS plays a critical role

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6 Emerging Technologies in Supply Chain Management

In today’s fast-paced business environment, adopting the most advanced technologies is important to maintain competitiveness in supply chain management. An increasing number of companies are choosing the irreversible path of technological integration and building supply chains that are effective, sustainable, and socially responsible. Innovative technologies like artificial intelligence, neural networks, and machine learning have considerably

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UControl: The Evolution of Supply Chain Technology

Supply chain and logistics technology is growing at a rapid pace, giving organizations more control over their supply chain than ever before. Just a few decades ago, there was no way to track shipments digitally, whereas now, shipment tracking is considered the bare minimum when it comes to logistics. Not only is this technology necessary

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Unilog Announces the Launch of Ucontrol™ —  

The first Supply-Chain-as-a-Service (SCaaS) solution that turns visibility into performance! [USA, January 16, 2023] Unilog launches Ucontrol™ –  an end-to-end revolutionary Supply-Chain-as-a-Service (SCaaS) Solution. Unilog is an expert in the design and management of end-to-end supply chain solutions. Unilog is a delegate partner of Sensos, which originated at Sony and is the IoT and sensors

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Managing An Ever-Changing Supply Chain Reality

Today’s supply chain landscape is rapidly evolving, making it more difficult than ever for organizations to keep up. Many people think of the supply chain as something completely controlled by the manufacturer. In reality, no one party is in total control of the supply chain – it is an ever-changing cast of characters all trying

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Excel Spreadsheets

What Makes Logivice Stand Out & Why You Can Forget About Excel Spreadsheets

Ever dreamt of a more convenient alternative to traditional Excel spreadsheets to enhance the effectiveness of supply chain management? If you keep your tabular database within Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, chances are that a smarter inventory management system that offers better automation and data accuracy is a dream come true for you. That’s why I and

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Sensors in the Automotive World

Transforming Supply Chain Management: The Power of Smart Sensors

Have you ever wondered how intelligent sensor solutions can contribute to the automotive world and logistics?  Years ago, little did the automotive world know about the benefits of sensors for measuring travel speed or lack of fuel. Nowadays, the development of sensors in the automotive world is pretty much promising, allowing drivers to enter the

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