Modix Partnership with Unilog


Unilog is what the logistics world calls a 4PL (fourth-party logistics) – a supply chain services provider that manages a 3PL on behalf of the customer and other aspects of the supply chain.

This means that customer testimonials heavily determine our company’s mission. The positive experiences of our existing customers are a significant highlight in the history of Unilog’s achievements. 

Our customers’ perspectives are Unilog’s social proof — it’s how they see our company and how we build trust and credibility. 

Let’s see how Unilog built customized solutions for Modix and Spectrum Dynamics Medical. The insights from the founders of these companies will help you understand how we solve problems and why collaborating with our team makes our customers happy and satisfied.


Modix is a developer of large-scale industrial 3D printers that can be as long as 1.8 meters long.

They support global sales and serve industrial customers. Their unique go-to-market is  self-assembled kits. Therefore, Shachar Gafni, CEO & Founder of Modix Technologies, calls Modix “the IKEA of machinery.”

Modix has a network of resellers worldwide, but it operates locally. They complete Modix’s offering by providing local services, like on-site assembling and training at the customer’s factory floor.

Their supply chain is based on sending premium components from specialized companies around the world to China, packing all the components together, and sending them to the rest of the world from the Chinese hub. 

Rapid change after the Covid-19 pandemic turned Modix’s missions and goals upside down — suddenly, it was a big challenge to send their machines from China.

Partnership with Unilog

Modix partnered with Unilog at a crucial point in its history. Their experience proves that great things can happen when you choose the right vendors to offer you exactly what you need and give you a road map to achieve your goals.

It turns out that this was exactly the case with Modix and Unilog.

By joining forces with Unilog, we could overcome these challenges. They bring us all their knowledge and experience on how to act locally in all these destinations as if you were just a local company.” 

Shachar Gafni, CEO & Founder of Modix Technologies.

As the CEO of Modix Technologies pointed out, with the help of Unilog, they now have a centralized information center for all of their logistical activities in one place. 

The thing that Shachar Gafni considers the greatest advantage of Unilog is our system called Logivice —  a centralized information center for all your worldwide logistics activities. 

Logivice is a platform designed to communicate with other technologies and interconnect with them easily. Before our client realizes there is an issue, the Logivice team will already be involved in the issue and resolve it before it even occurs.

That’s the tool that helps us create transparency.

Unilog has become a strategic partner of Modix Technologies. As a result, the CEO plans to continue to grow his company with Unilog by serving additional products like raw materials and assembled machines, which require more space, more understanding, and more options and flexibility in the logistics services.

Unilog manages to develop unique features for our special needs.”

Shachar Gafni.

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