The Importance Of Supply Chain Trackers


In today’s global market, supply chain tracking is crucial for successful deliveries. Supply chain trackers will show you where your products are all the way from the initial manufacturing facility to the end delivery. Supply chain trackers give organizations greater control over their deliveries, preventing missed shipments and lost customers. 

At Unilog, we help our clients track their supply chain from end to end using our Logivice platform. Supply chain trackers are particularly crucial for high value shipments, temperature sensitive shipments, and any other shipments that are vulnerable. In this article, we’ll talk about supply chain tracking strategies and why they’re so important. 

How does supply chain tracking work?

While there are different approaches to supply chain tracking around the world, all of them require switching from paper records to digital records. Items are typically tracked using unique barcodes. Warehouse and delivery staff will need to scan these barcodes at key checkpoints to gather accurate location data. 

This process is enhanced with IoT technology and AI to automate parts of the tracking process. Many large organizations are now using blockchain to track their shipments as well. This means that each time a product is scanned in at a warehouse or marked for final delivery, that piece of information is securely tracked on the blockchain. 

All of this location data is then stored digitally and accessed via a software program, giving organizations an overview of their entire supply chain. This makes it easier for organizations to identify exactly where products are and when they will arrive at their final destination. With blockchain-based supply chain tracking, each product’s movement is securely encrypted, resulting in one single source of data for the entire organization. This reduces confusion among key stakeholders should any problems arise. 

What are the benefits of supply chain tracking? 

There are many benefits of using a modern supply chain tracking system, both for your organization and for your customers. Here are some of the reasons to implement a tech-based supply chain tracking system. 

Reduces Human Error

When delivery information is written by hand, the chances for human error are high. When you have a paper supply chain tracking system, it’s easy to lose key pieces of information about your shipments. By scanning a unique barcode for each shipment at various points along the supply chain, you’ll get far more accurate tracking data with fewer opportunities for human error. Adding automation technology can reduce errors even further. 

More Control Over Shipments

The more control you have over your shipments, the easier it is to fix problems if they arise. Without a supply chain tracker, you’re just sending the packages out into the world, hoping they arrive on time and to the correct destination. When you use a good supply chain tracker, you’ll be able to figure out exactly where each shipment is. This makes it easier to located lost or delayed orders, as you’ll know exactly which warehouse or shipping partner you’ll need to contact. 

This is particularly important for shipments that are temperature sensitive, made with fragile materials, or require other ongoing maintenance throughout the shipping process. Advanced shipping trackers will not only let you know where your items are, but will also provide information about the shipment’s condition. Supply chain trackers also improve overall security, minimizing theft and other forms of property loss. 

Better Customer Service

Supply chain trackers don’t just help you, they also give your customers peace of mind. By implementing a supply chain tracker, you can give your end customers estimates about when your shipments will arrive. This helps them plan ahead, especially if the customer needs to be there to receive and sign for the package. Providing this type of responsive customer service is a great way to build trust and brand loyalty. 

More Efficient Supply Chain

Implementing a supply chain tracker gives you access to a huge amount of valuable data. You can use this data to make your supply chain more efficient. For example, your tracker will show you where bottlenecks are happening. You can use this information to make changes and speed up your overall delivery times. 

Reduces Costs

Tracking your shipments will reduce the number of missed or delayed deliveries. This will help you cut back on the costs associated with correcting these shipping problems. Additionally, your supply chain tracker can help you identify areas where you could streamline your operations with better shipping routes or more affordable packaging. 

Better Inventory Management

Detailed tracking means you’ll have more inventory data available to you. This data will help you better predict supply and demand trends. This makes it easier to reduce disruptions and late shipments, plus you’ll avoid unwanted surprises. 

Signs You Need A Supply Chain Tracker

If you’ve been managing your supply chain the same way for years, it can be difficult to make a change. Here are some signs you need a tech-based supply chain tracking system for your organization. 

  • You’re still using a paper system for some or all of your supply chain management. 
  • You’re working with sensitive items that require very specific conditions. 
  • You regularly deal with lost or delayed shipments and have trouble locating them. 
  • Your customers are requesting more detailed information about their shipments. 
  • You want to make your supply chain more efficient, but you aren’t sure where to start. 

At Unilog, we help our clients implement supply chain trackers for more efficient operations throughout the entire supply chain. Our Logivice platform allows us to manage global logistics from end to end. We work with 3PL providers around the world to help you find supply chain solutions that are best for your business. Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive supply chain services. 

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