Global Supply Planning


Is Your Supply Chain Adapting to the International Upheaval in Global Transportation?

No one could predict the massive effects that Covid 19 could produce in 2019.  Disruptions in the supply chain have left thousands of companies struggling to maintain critical customer expectations.  Insufficient inventory and lengthy transit times by all modes of shipping have had a negative effect on doing business internationally.  At Unilog, our agile network allowed us to overcome those barriers and adhere to the market change within days, and thus preserve the supply chain and transportation in high efficiency.

A cross-section of Unilog’s clients includes these industries:

  • High Tech.
  • Printing.
  • Cyber security.
  • Medical Equipment.
  • Telecommunications

It is obvious that each of these industry sectors operate with extreme urgency when parts, equipment and raw materials are needed.  Inventory and supply planning are mandatory functions to these organizations.  They require a customized activation plan as many of their needs come unforeseen and reaction time is of the utmost importance.

Logivice Platform

The Logivice platform provides a 360 degree visibility on your global activities by the integration of the complete supply chain including your network of distribution centers (DCs) in major markets around the world.  Suddenly, the intricate ‘spider web’ that is your supply chain is simplified and allows you to conduct your global inventory planning.

Important features such as live tracking and tracing allow you to monitor the progress of your shipments and equally important, keeps your internal teams and end customers informed of the ETA.  

Time Critical Industries

As rapidly changing technology advances, high tech companies can experience pressure to have the latest equipment and parts in an environment where there are ever shrinking product lifecycles.  Speed is of the essence when ordering the latest parts and equipment and keep up with the customer’s needs as well as their own.  Competition is fierce and the ability to visualize and act with your supply chain is paramount.

Other industries such as printing and cyber security rely on a proven supply chain network for both raw materials and parts.  Telecommunications companies whose services keep the world in constant communication also count on supply chain readiness to limit electronic down time.

Perhaps the most time sensitive industry is the medical field.  Serving medical institutions, hospitals and clinics, equipment failures or replacements demand the utmost urgency.  Facilities that house patients who are in need of medicine or possibly replacement organs obviously are a number one priority.  Having a sound supply chain mechanism within your organization can not only provide peace of mind but in some cases, save lives.


Every country around the world is unique in their rules and regulations for both import and export.  Expert compliance is essential.  Unilog’s supply chain cloud software includes up-to-date data in order to comply with necessary documentation, permits, licenses and deal with temporary trade restrictions (which are prevalent in today’s global economy) that will allow your shipment to travel to destination without unnecessary delay.

Global Inventory Visibility

In today’s economic global environment, companies that have the ability to see a complete picture of inventory data have a distinct advantage over competitors who do not have the same luxury.  Having a 100% view of inventory allows you to predict supply and demand.  

Other advantages of having access to the global inventory picture are:

  • Inventory optimization.
  • Returns due to defective items (or for other reasons).
  • Pro-active replenishment planning.
  • Cooperation with suppliers’ inventory management.

It doesn’t matter how many DCs you operate.  Or how many countries or even continents on which they are located.  All of these can be integrated and accessed in to the same supply management software that requires only minimal keystrokes.  

Supply Chain Staying Power

The key to minimizing competitive weaknesses is to employ an ultra resilient supply chain that takes the guesswork out of possible vulnerabilities.  Identifying your vulnerabilities is no easy task.  Relying on a single supplier in a remote part of the world for instance, can cause higher risks for a potentially critical part or raw materials.  

The days of spreadsheets and past sales patterns are in a lot of cases inaccurate and as a result, a thing of the past.  An intelligent cloud based supply chain software eliminates most of the idiosyncrasies that old school procedures are sure to produce.   

In conjunction with a transparent supply chain visualization, you can also:

  • Diversify your supply base of concentrated products based on availability and strategic locations.
  • Stockpile your popular materials even though excessive inventory is expensive to maintain.
  • Cut down on your dependency of hard to access logistical areas such as  India, brazil, China and other highly protective markets 


There is a lot to consider when adopting a single supply chain product for your day-to-day business activities.  Unilog offers a seamless transition that is perfectly adaptable to your style and volume of sales and the procurement of the products and raw materials needed to keep your entity profitable.  A return on investment is almost immediately recognized after installation.

With Unilog, you can rest assure that on any occasion that might affect global supply chains and causes logistical nightmares, you have the tools at your fingertips to overcome any anomalies and continue your success.

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