4 Ways Unilog Improves Global Supply Chains


Managing a global supply chain comes with a number of challenges. For small companies, it can be difficult to tackle these challenges on your own. This is where working with a 4PL company like Unilog comes in handy. 4PLs handle your entire supply chain strategy from end-to-end, so you can focus on growing your business and keeping customers happy. 

At Unilog, we work with companies in a variety of industries, including technology, telecommunications, healthcare, and more. We know that each supply chain has its own unique challenges, so we develop custom solutions that are designed with your products in mind. Here’s how Unilog improves global supply chain solutions for our clients. 

What is a 4PL?

A fourth-party logistics (4PL) firm is a business that provides overarching supply chain management for clients. 4PL providers are a level above 3PL providers, who typically handle warehousing and transportation. A 4PL company typically works with multiple 3PL providers to manage the entire client supply chain from end-to-end. 4PLs often use technology to monitor shipments, using data to optimize client strategy. 

How We Improve Global Supply Chains

We use a multi-pronged strategy to help our clients improve their global supply chain. With consistent supply chain monitoring and optimization, we’re able to speed up delivery times, keep costs manageable, and improve satisfaction for your end customer. Here’s how we improve global supply chains for clients in a variety of industries. 

International Shipping Strategy

Developing a global shipping strategy across multiple countries or continents can be very challenging. Shipping regulations can vary widely between countries, and production issues in one country can cause delays around the world. We have an in-house compliance team and work with international customs consultants to ensure that your shipments stay compliant across all of your market. 

We use strategic distribution centers to streamline the international distribution process. By placing these distribution centers in major markets around the world, we’re able to keep your supply chain running regardless of any geopolitical challenges happening. Our distribution centers are designed to accommodate large volumes of product, allowing you to build up an inventory stockpile as necessary. We work with over 100 carriers worldwide. This gives us the flexibility to create the most efficient distribution network for every customer. 

Supply Chain Tracking 

Visibility is key to a successful modern supply chain. We track the entire supply chain from end-to-end so you always know where your inventory and shipments are. Our Logivice software solution is a cloud-based inventory management program that serves as the control tower for your entire supply chain. 

This adaptable software solution is highly responsive. You’ll have access to data from key points across your supply chain, breaking down data silos. Inventory is tracked with IoT technology, so you can determine the precise location of any shipment at any time. We customize your inventory database so that it works seamlessly with your products. Because the program is cloud-based, clients can access it from any location, making it easier to stay on top of your supply chain while 

Logivice sends automatic notifications to keep your shipments on track. If the software detects any abnormalities in your shipping process, you’ll receive a notification so you can regroup and stay on track. By leveraging technology across the shipping process, we’re able to avoid delays and missed shipments. 

Reverse Logistics

Returns are a crucial part of your supply chain strategy. A streamlined returns process helps you maintain good relationships with your customers and can potentially help you recoup inventory. We offer reverse logistics services to help our clients develop efficient and effective returns systems. 

Reverse logistics starts with asset recovery. We’ll help you find the most efficient way to recoup the asset depending on the end customer and product. Then, you can determine if the product can be reused or not. If the product is not usable, we’ll help you identify sellable or recyclable parts and then find an appropriate way to dispose of the remaining product. If the product is possible to repair and reuse, we can put it back into the supply chain. 

Custom Supply Chain Solutions

At Unilog, we know that supply chain needs can vary widely between clients depending on your industry and the specific products you are selling. Because of this, we offer custom supply chain solutions catered to your unique needs. 

For example, many healthcare and life sciences products need to be stored at certain temperatures. Another example is high-value technology products that require very specific packaging and security. 

We take extra care when optimizing these supply chains to ensure that there are appropriate quality checks throughout the shipping process. We can help you identify warehouses and shipping partners with the capabilities to handle your product. 

Working with a 4PL company has benefits across your organization. By outsourcing your supply chain management, you can save time on these important tasks without compromising on quality. Additionally, 4PLs provide visibility, giving you more control over your supply chain when you need it most. Finally, 4PLs use their supply chain expertise to identify areas where you can improve efficiency and save money.

If you’re struggling to manage your global supply chain, Unilog can help. Contact us today to learn more about our services. 

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